Bulk SMS Marketing

We send marketing and promtional sms and email marketing to opt-in subscribers only

With the rapid advent of mobile telephony in India , SMS Marketing has emerged as the most direct, cost-effective, quick response and personalized medium to reach the customers. It is a very integral part of any marketing strategy. Bulk SMS Marketing provides marketers a direct, cost- effective and personalized medium to reach the customer. Click 2 Web World provides one of the best Bulk SMS Marketing Services in India by combining our targeted Database with advanced SMS delivery software to provide you the best ROI for your SMS Marketing.

Some of the benefits of using Click 2 Web World Bulk SMS Marketing in your overall marketing strategy are -

* Deliverability - With more than 95% of all SMS messages being read, your marketing message will be seen by virtually all of the subscribers in your campaign.

* Qualified Recipients - Since your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and promotional messages, you know they have an active interest in your business, and your products. We undertake all checks to ensure that SMS is not sent to subscribers on the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC).

* Flexibility - With SMS messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your restaurant on slow nights (“Come for Dinner within x hours, and receive a xx % discount!”), or clearing out overstock items before end of month. This is the new “Blue Light Special”!

* Range of Use - SMS Marketing can be used for a wide range of purposes: announcing new product, one-day specials, new store openings, special events…etc. Subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to, increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.

Click 2 Web World can setup your Bulk SMS Marketing quickly and managed it seamlessly. We realize that the success of your Bulk SMS Marketing campaign depends greatly on the customer data where you are sending the SMS. Our targeted Bulk SMS Marketing data can be segregated by -

Locality – That can even be classified to the extent of specific areas

Business - Retail/Mfg /Shops in specific areas

Profile - High Net Worth Individuals, Credit Card owners etc.

Designation - CEOs/Managers, etc.

We provide complete reports for your Bulk SMS Marketing campaign, these include -

- SMS Sent
- Delivered
- Pending
- Not Delivered

Here is some more information about our Bulk SMS Marketing campaign -
- Maximum no. of characters allowed in one SMS is 160.
- Blank spaces are also counted as characters.
- If the message is more than 160 characters, it will go as multiple messages and will be charged in multiples.
- Maximum characters allowed as sender name is 11 for GSM mobile numbers.
- For CDMA numbers, only valid GSM mobile numbers are allowed as sender id.
- We will need to get one GSM mobile number for this purpose.

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